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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Welcome 2009! The party was a great success & I think everyone had a lot of fun! The pics for the most part explain themselves so enjoy! And just for clarification-I took very few of these. My camera was passed around a bit, so there are actually pics of me for once!
First of all, the most important part...the FOOD!! Yummy! Although last year our chocolate fountain broke and I really really miss it! I think I need to look for a new, smaller one.

After about 5 pics of Rick messing around we got a semi-decent shot.

Imagine...the kids playing Rock Band.

He's a rock star!

Us with Larry & Tiffany. Aren't we so cute with our matching shirts?

A New Years salute!


Our neighbors Katie & Alex-yes I know she is blinking but I couldn't leave it out-its the only one that was taken.

Justin & his girlfriend Mes.

The girls.

Justin & Mes (again)

Justin's friend took these & she told us to look lovingly at each

Me with the 'New Year's vest' on.

HAPPY 2009!!!
I for one am VERY happy to see 2009! Rick will be retiring & we are so ready to be finished with the Navy! He has done a little snooping around for jobs and there are a few Mc Donalds who will be needing a fry man sometime early summer! Wish him luck!

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