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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What we've been up to...

I cant believe its halfway through July already! So far we haven't had any offers on the house but there are still a few big things that need to be finished so that may be why (even though the realtor explains that we are a work in progress). Anyway, now that Rick is home and over his jet lag he has been busy...putting the rest of the siding up...

That's one hot guy!

And for the Stephanie hair color update... the color has faded quite a bit even though it doesn't look like it in the photos...

Rick looking at the many layers of color.

Well that's it for now. Just busy trying to get the house sold. Rick starts work at his new job in Centerville on August 10th and Steph starts college classes the 24th so after that date if the house still hasnt sold then it will just be me & Justin until it does. We will make trips back & forth for the weekends and stay at the cousins in Manassas. Looking forward to begin this next phase of our lives!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July at the lake...

Justin & I were lucky enough to go with the cousins to their place at Smith Mt. Lake for the weekend (they call it The Hut). We had a great time although we wished Rick & Steph could have been there with us. Rick of course is in Hawaii still and Steph had to work. We will all definitely be together for Labor Day weekend!!
Hope everyone had a safe holiday!

This is the next boat I want Rick to's really fast!

At the cousins dock.

Wes's boat is lookin a little crooked!

The boys jumpin in

Getting ready to go out on Donald's boat.

Wes lowering the boat-he looks a little bored.

I would make a great Captain!

All of us having lunch/dinner
The boys on the jet ski.
The cousins with Rudy the boat dog! He loves the boat but hates water!

He looks evil!

Wes is happy to have Sue to dress him!

Poor Rudy being tormented to go into the water.

Life is GREAT at the lake!

Rudy got into the margareta's!

The boys coming into the marina-man do they get around!

This is the only action shot I posted because it seemed to be a weekend of catching the falls-and there were a few good ones...
This was all the same fall...

He said he had a really bad headache after that one!

He looks just like his Grandpa Tony in this one!

Wes on the jet ski

Justin & Wes's cousin are both knee boarding from the same boat and I think Justin is turning around.
Various jet ski pics and they all include Justin!

Sunset on Saturday night.