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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Christmas!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Ours was very nice-and it was in the 60's! Today is a different story though.
We began our Christmas on Christmas Eve after Steph got home from work by the kids opening their choice of 1 gift. This is always quite a process of shaking & feeling out the packages to find the right one.

Jake wants in on the action!
Then Christmas morning, which in recent history would mean the parental units being woken up between 4 and 5 am! Im glad this year they seems to haven jumped over this hump!

Justin is very happy with his new jacket.

I think Im going to have to have a few glasses of hot chocolate with Steph! That chocolate mix is real chocolate shavings! YUM!

Zoe LOVES Christmas paper!

Justin's friend since 6th grade, Kevin, is home from college for the holidays & stopped by. It was good to see him!

And THEN!!!!!

Mes, Justin's girlfriend is home from boot camp finally!

The kids hanging out on the porch.
Then Uncle Larry, Tiffany & her Mom got here for dinner. Justins friends also stayed & we had a nice time.
And for the finale...Santa left Grandma Cherie a special present!

For the last 4 or so years there has been a certain crochet tree that has made itself around to all three of us girls (we have no idea who made it as it came with a lot of stuff I bought at an estate sale). So when Tiffany saw it thought it would be funny to give it to her Mom from her 'daughters'...well Rick came up with a new idea for the special tree...


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


Miss Hope said...

Just found this as you started following my blog. LOVED each post. Homecoming ones always make me teary.

I think this makes us "blog-related" now! LOL

ricknroni said... 'blog sister'

I love reading yours too. You write very well. Maybe soomeday when I grow up I will learn to write