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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ricks bi-monthly haircut..

There is a ritual in the Taylor household. It is the sheering (of whats left of) Ricks hair. He is quite picky about his hair length and takes great pride in always having that military cut. This job, until tonight, has been, at times begrudgingly, mine. As we were preparing for the event, the girl walked in & piped up saying SHE wanted to do it. What a moment. Of course it didn't last, after the novelty wore off she handed the clippers over for me to finish the job.

He looks a little scared.

Maybe I can get her to do this more often!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dining Out Dress!

I am so excited! I found a dress for the dining out next month. I have never been to one, actually 13 years as a Chief's wife & I have never even heard of it before. Its a formal deal like the sub ball. Usually when this kind of thing comes up I get a little excited and just KNOW I will find the perfect dress and I always have a certain cut in mind. Then I go to try and find this perfect dress, which is never to be found. Most of the time I find something I'm happy with.
This dress is awesome! It even has sleeves to hide the beginnings of old lady arms! Very classy look. It doesn't look like much on the hanger & it is a little plain but I'm going to enlist the help of my step-Mom who is awesome at adding stuff to make it look fancier! She did it for my wedding dress & it was beautiful Of course I will have to do the sewing on of any embellishments because I am here & she is in Cali. My idea is to just add some kind of sparkly stuff around the neckline (it goes into a v in the back) Feel free to give me any suggestions you may have as well.

And the best part? It was marked 160 & because after trying on many dresses at other stores I was just going to suck it up & buy it (yes we all know I'm cheap) When I took it to the register it was......85!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

College College College

Well to begin with, Justin had his first college class yesterday!
Rick has been on Steph to get us an appointment with the counselor at school who helps fill out the FAFSA forms. We finally got in there last Friday & of course the computer down! Rick said he felt confident that he could do it himself so he asked a few questions & we were on our way.
On our way out I said something about me going to school too might help with getting grant money...having three people from one household in college. Fast fwd. to later that day when I walk in the door & Rick is finishing the kids applications & he you want me to fill one out for you too? So of course I said I may be a college student with the kids! Kinda funny actually. Steph has already said I'm not allowed to be in any of her classes! I haven't quite settled on one thing yet but it is between graphic design or ultrasound tech.
Guess I better get busy brushing up on my math!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photography New Year Resolution

Without realizing it I made a business New Years resolution. It started with Rick & I taking a trip to Barnes & Noble to spend the gift card I got from Justin for Christmas. While Rick wandered over to the business section (a section I totally avoid because I can never get through those kinds of books), assuming he was looking for a book about military to civilian career transition, I went to my favorite fiction section. After about an hour & 4 books later, I found Rick, still in the business section. Now I'm bored. I made my selections & wanted to go. Then I notice what he is looking at. He was looking at marketing book for my business. Now as I mentioned I HATE reading those kinds of books! I would rather go take a class and have an actual person engage me and teach me something. I must have ADD when it comes to how-to books because when I do read them I find myself re-reading sentences & paragraphs over & over & still I'm not paying attention. Plus if he bought a book about marketing then that would mean he would actually read it then want to do stuff to my organized disorganized organization.

Anyway back to the whole resolution thing. I ended up picking out a book for internet marketing, which I am painstakingly ploughing through, because if Rick is going to do stuff to my organizing then I should probably know what the heck he is talking about (if I can comprehend anything I read that is). Last night I was reading some old emails & came across one from a photog. friend of mine about online networking. So because I was bored (and avoiding reading any more of that book) I began snooping around & realized that in the back of my head I had made a resolution to a) take better/more creative (tech wise) pics & b) to do more to grow the business. Now part a I can do no problem, and I have been reading a bunch of articles today. Part b is another story-that means I have to read that darn book to start with.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poor Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins lost their game today & poor Rick & Larry were very sad. They were so excited about this game after last years season. Larry even had permission to buy Super Bowl tickets (if the Dolphins were in) no matter how much they were! Rick wasn't so lucky! So I took this pic of Rick, who says he was pouting for ice cream, not the loss. (I was also told that I would be in big trouble is I posted it..hehe)

*He did read & approve this but said that's not what he told me would happen-and I said that was a bad word & I wasn't going to post that.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Welcome 2009! The party was a great success & I think everyone had a lot of fun! The pics for the most part explain themselves so enjoy! And just for clarification-I took very few of these. My camera was passed around a bit, so there are actually pics of me for once!
First of all, the most important part...the FOOD!! Yummy! Although last year our chocolate fountain broke and I really really miss it! I think I need to look for a new, smaller one.

After about 5 pics of Rick messing around we got a semi-decent shot.

Imagine...the kids playing Rock Band.

He's a rock star!

Us with Larry & Tiffany. Aren't we so cute with our matching shirts?

A New Years salute!


Our neighbors Katie & Alex-yes I know she is blinking but I couldn't leave it out-its the only one that was taken.

Justin & his girlfriend Mes.

The girls.

Justin & Mes (again)

Justin's friend took these & she told us to look lovingly at each

Me with the 'New Year's vest' on.

HAPPY 2009!!!
I for one am VERY happy to see 2009! Rick will be retiring & we are so ready to be finished with the Navy! He has done a little snooping around for jobs and there are a few Mc Donalds who will be needing a fry man sometime early summer! Wish him luck!