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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ricks bi-monthly haircut..

There is a ritual in the Taylor household. It is the sheering (of whats left of) Ricks hair. He is quite picky about his hair length and takes great pride in always having that military cut. This job, until tonight, has been, at times begrudgingly, mine. As we were preparing for the event, the girl walked in & piped up saying SHE wanted to do it. What a moment. Of course it didn't last, after the novelty wore off she handed the clippers over for me to finish the job.

He looks a little scared.

Maybe I can get her to do this more often!


Miss Hope said...

Ya's really sweet when you look at it. I can see the small smile on his face and she's focusing so intently. Glad you were able to get pictures of this!

Roni said...

lol...I think he was scared about being hurt!

Jill AKA busymom said...

WOW it would snow in Hawaii before Rick would let me or the girls get within 10 feet of his precsious hair!

Roni said...

lol...I think he figures he doesnt have much left to mess up!