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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photography New Year Resolution

Without realizing it I made a business New Years resolution. It started with Rick & I taking a trip to Barnes & Noble to spend the gift card I got from Justin for Christmas. While Rick wandered over to the business section (a section I totally avoid because I can never get through those kinds of books), assuming he was looking for a book about military to civilian career transition, I went to my favorite fiction section. After about an hour & 4 books later, I found Rick, still in the business section. Now I'm bored. I made my selections & wanted to go. Then I notice what he is looking at. He was looking at marketing book for my business. Now as I mentioned I HATE reading those kinds of books! I would rather go take a class and have an actual person engage me and teach me something. I must have ADD when it comes to how-to books because when I do read them I find myself re-reading sentences & paragraphs over & over & still I'm not paying attention. Plus if he bought a book about marketing then that would mean he would actually read it then want to do stuff to my organized disorganized organization.

Anyway back to the whole resolution thing. I ended up picking out a book for internet marketing, which I am painstakingly ploughing through, because if Rick is going to do stuff to my organizing then I should probably know what the heck he is talking about (if I can comprehend anything I read that is). Last night I was reading some old emails & came across one from a photog. friend of mine about online networking. So because I was bored (and avoiding reading any more of that book) I began snooping around & realized that in the back of my head I had made a resolution to a) take better/more creative (tech wise) pics & b) to do more to grow the business. Now part a I can do no problem, and I have been reading a bunch of articles today. Part b is another story-that means I have to read that darn book to start with.

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