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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

College College College

Well to begin with, Justin had his first college class yesterday!
Rick has been on Steph to get us an appointment with the counselor at school who helps fill out the FAFSA forms. We finally got in there last Friday & of course the computer down! Rick said he felt confident that he could do it himself so he asked a few questions & we were on our way.
On our way out I said something about me going to school too might help with getting grant money...having three people from one household in college. Fast fwd. to later that day when I walk in the door & Rick is finishing the kids applications & he you want me to fill one out for you too? So of course I said I may be a college student with the kids! Kinda funny actually. Steph has already said I'm not allowed to be in any of her classes! I haven't quite settled on one thing yet but it is between graphic design or ultrasound tech.
Guess I better get busy brushing up on my math!!

1 comment:

Miss Hope said...

YaY You!!! What awesome news! I say go for it!!!