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Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally Finished Painting!

I have finally finished my mammoth painting projects and hung most of the pictures back on the walls. I told Rick I would send him a few pics so he could see how it turned out-yes I actually picked out colors & they actually look pretty good! I need to do a little tweaking with the wall situation because I'm not happy with some of it and in other spots I have no idea what to hang!
So here is the dining room...

The entry way...

The stair well...I actually only painted as high as I could reach. The stairwell is probably 20 ft. high and I wasn't about to attempt stretching a ladder all over the stairs! I hired my neighbors paint guy (no they dont do their own painting!) to cut in at the top & roll where I couldn't get to.

And last the spare bedroom...

Well Rick I hope you approve because I really don't want to paint again!! Now on to the front soon as it is a little warmer.

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