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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hawaii!!!! Finally!!

Well I have finally found the time to post our pics from Hawaii!

First I have to say that the highlight of my trip was that I ran into my best friend from High School! I haven't spoken to her in probably 15 years! Her husband has been stationed there for the past year.
Anyway we were able to have a very long lunch together to get all caught up! I am so happy we have reconnected!

Well here is Rene & I!

Now for the rest of the is a view of one of the other islands from the plane. I was a bit disappointed because it was really cloudy. When I flew there the last time it was really clear & you could see all of the islands!

Here we are the first night. On our way back from dinner as we were passing two teenage boys, one of the very quickly put a lei on me & the other boy did the same with Rick! Then he proceeded to tell us some story about how his Mom had made them....then said he could give us a deal & only charge us 10 bucks for

This is us at the poolside bar the first day...before Ricks sunburn.

This is his leg AFTER the sunburn. He said he didn't NEED any sunscreen!

The view from our balcony...

The view of the street from our balcony at night...

We stayed 3 days at the Hale Koa and went to the Sub Ball on Friday night at the hotel next door. This is the last official Sub Ball and we have NEVER had a really good pic taken when we have gone. We gave it it one last try & it is actually pretty good! I ordered the digital image and I will post it as soon as I get it!

After our stay at Hale Koa we were able to both stay at Ricks barracks room. They allow that now if you can believe that! Anyway he said they put these signs on the door when they first get there.

His closet is 3x's the size of ours at home...and he has 2 of them!! Can he bring one of them home?

All the comforts of home...

We spent a day a Hanauma Bay snorkeling-well we only snorkeled for about an hour or so then hung out on the beach.

Snorkeling is very exhausting!

Our lei's drying out in the sun.

This is the gazebo where the 'boys' hang out.

These are a few of the 'boys' trying to look innocent.

We also went to see the submarine museum, it was pretty cool!

I have to mention a little family story I have about the Wahoo. My grandmother had been engaged to a sailor from this boat during the war. He told her to wait for him and that if she didn't wait and married someone else that the boat would go down and never come back. Back in the day when ships/boats went out to sea they could be gone a very long time-like years- and while the Wahoo was gone my Nanna met and married my Grandpa. Well the Wahoo went missing during the war and wasn't found until a few years ago.

This is the USS Bowfin. The only disappointing thing was that they don't have sonar on display.

And they think the sleeping is tight on today's boats!

This is the whole kitchen!!

Just a cool pic of some gauges.

One of the days we were cruising around we drive past a 'tent city'. These people have a great sense on humor! I guess if you are going to be homeless Hawaii would be the place to do it!

Also on that drive we went past this horse ranch and I just had to take a pic of it for my horse friend Enid...this one is for you girl!!

Aloha Tower...

This was so cool! There are docks around the tower where reefs have grown and there are tons of really colorful fish! They even have a machine to buy fish food to attract them!

While I was there I did a shoot for a fellow sub wife friend. While her daughter was changing clothes I shot off a few pics of Rick.
I love this one!! He's such a handsome guy! Im one lucky girl!

Then the said sub wife friend took one of is beautiful!! THANKS JILL!!!

Our last afternoon at the Shore Bird at the Outrigger. Nice tans! But I wore sunscreen the whole time!!


Lishak said...

Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip! I love the views.
That is one killer sunburn! It's always nice to reconnect with old friends. :)

Roni said...

It was really great thanks! And he never listens to me about the sunscreen but I have never seen him look THAT red-and I did not photoshop it!

Jill AKA busymom said...


I have tagged you in my 6 favorite things....

By the way...the pictures Roni took were awesome:)

Roni said...

aaww...Thanks Jill! It was my pleasure to do it for you guys!