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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Closet cleaning and old pics...

I'm doing a bit of closet cleaning and organizing (actually I am running out of closet space and need to make room) the drawback of an old house is that I have ONE (1) single closet for storage. And its a very small one. Yes we have 3 tiny bedroom closets but they are for clothes!

Anyway, I came across a few pics from years past and thought I would share...

Rick & the kids 1995

Steph 1994

Steph 1995

Rick & Larry 1986

And my personal favorite...Halloween 1987...hehehe

Funny I don't have one of Rick from that Halloween.


Miss Hope said...

When I first saw that Halloween pic of you on FB...I was like is that Roni?????????? LOL

I love going through old pictures!

Roni said...

lol...I have scared a few people with it!

When I sent Rick a pic of it asking if he remembered it his comment was that he should have known back then that I was a little