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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Wooo hooo!!! I have been eyeing a new lens for quite a while. A good photographer friend of mine, Chris Taylor (no relation that we know of) has been helping me decide which one to get. Im such a chicken when it comes to spending that kind of money. Well it came today and Im in LOVE! I had to try it out but neither of the human kids would let me take their pics so I was left with the dogs...they can be just as cute I guess!
Here are a few photos I took while playing around with it.

Jake giving me a look Im use to seenign the kids give me...


Miss Hope said...

These are great pictures, Roni! I keep plugging away with my kodak but really desire a nice swanky camera. When I get ready to finally break down and get'll have to talk me through it and convince me I might be able to take a decent picture or two! LOL

Roni said...

Thanks Hope! That thing is a monster of a lens thougu-its like 8 inches! And HEAVY!

Of course I will help you to fins the right camera!!