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Friday, March 6, 2009

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

For those who don't know, I volunteer at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Because of the days getting longer a few things are beginning to bloom in the greenhouse! Thought I would share a few.

This is the coolest bloom. Its a Giant Cucumber and I wish computers had smell-o-vision cause it was heavenly! A very light sweet soapy smell. Beautiful!!

Don't ask me what this is because I never remember anything! Its pretty though.

This is the greenhouse that I water every Friday-yes the whole thing! There is also a cold house next door. There are a lot of plants that have to come indoors for the winter!

For my friends in Hawaii-Plumeria, and let me tell you how awesome THIS one smells!! Takes me right back to Hawaii! And let me tell you how big this puppy is! It would fill my palm!

Now I'm not a big fan of Hibiscus, but I have never seen one colored this way.

I know there really aren't any blooms on this but I think it is the coolest Jade plant.

And finally-one of the benefits of volunteering is that I get to bring plants home when they have too many or have no use for them. This crab apple tree has been sitting there since fall and I kept saying I was going to pick it up but with Rick home now I never had the truck. So Justin & I ran down there today to pick it up!

That's all...hope everyone has a great weekend!

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