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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meeting Rick in Rota, Spain

I just got back from meeting Rick at a port call in Rota, Spain. We had a nice few days traveling around there & even went to a wine tasting.This is them the day they pulled in, although its kind of hard to see due to the low tide & the pier there was very high off the water.

You can see how hight the pier is-the only part of the boat you can see is the sail. It was so stormy this day the boat was rocking all over the place. Good thing I wasnt onboard! I would have been sick all over the place!
Rick thought it would be a funny thing to suprise me with this! I made him go right back down & shave it off before I would kiss him!

Our first night out at dinner with another couple off the boat. This little girl's parents owned the place & she kept coming from behind the counter & flirting with the guys.

Our cute little rental car. Ours is the red one.

Rota, Spain
A very stormy day.

At the winery.

Should have been cut off a long time ago!

Flamenco dancers

Sevilla, Spain

The third largest cathederal in the world-well part of it anyway.
A fountain in the square outside the cathederal.
More sangria please!

A sign right outside the base gate.
bye bye boat...

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