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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I didn't think I would ever see this day! He is coming home from his last deployment! I'm so relieved its all over!

So here are a few pics of the house. I'm sure he will be embarrassed. At least I kept it to a minimum! It could have been worse :)

Tonight is the Final Fling. It is being held at the bowling alley on base. One of the guys has collected various pics from the wives & from the guys over the deployment & has put together a slide show. I cant wait to see it. I submitted two pics, one of Rick & I in front of a castle in Scotland & since they wanted pics of events the guys have missed I sent one of Steph on homecoming day with her Maury Senior '09 shirt & 'war paint'.

One of the ombudsman & I are going to drive out to the bridge/tunnel that is in the middle of the bay and where they will be passing to get to the base. I have never done this and it should be pretty cool, not to mention FREEZING! Our weather has been pretty harsh already. Pray for to be at least in the 50's tomorrow!

I'm looking forward to all the festivities this time. Can't wait!

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