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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The day the boat left...

The countdown for homecoming is on & I cant wait. I'm sure Rick will kill me when we pull up to the house this time. A while back there was a company offering free custom 6ft x 3ft vinyl Welcome Home banner for military families. So of course I ordered one for the front of the house. Then I got motivated. I ordered a few welcome home Rick yard signs, and after the 4th of July hit the sales on red, white & blue stuff...flags & whatnot. I have never really decorated for a homecoming before & he really hates that kind of attention, but I couldn't help myself.

Something I realized today was that the only big boat homecoming we had was before the kids were born! It was on his first boat, the La Jolla in the mid 80's! He went to a command after that boat that was considered sea duty but he wasn't attached to a sub. His next boat was finishing a deployment so he was only there a few months and the last one he came home a month early. So this one is kinda a big deal and not just because of it being his last one.

Of course I will post pics & details after the big day. I'm so excited I cant stand it!

The boat in Portsmouth, England 2008

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