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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Justin & Brianna's wedding...

As if one wedding in the family wasnt enough for a week, our son Justin & his finacee decided a week after Apryl got married that they would do the same!! It was a nice little ceremony at the beach in Norfolk, where we use to live. Her Mom, siblings and a cousin along with a few friends were there, as were Justins godfather, Larry and his wife, Tiffany.

Here are a few favorties...

One of Justins friends got his license to marry others just for their wedding!
 Love this one!!
All of us! 
It was a little windy that day! 

This one is my favorite! 

 Tiffany & I


Emily Gibson said...

Beautiful photos!!!! What a super special time with multiple weddings!!!! Looks like a blast!

Roni said...

Thanks! Now they are expecting their first baby and our first grandbaby! Its a boy!