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Friday, May 6, 2011

Apryl's wedding...10-10-10

A few of my favorites...

I had the pleasure of giving Apryl her 'something blue' so I found stationary in the blue of her wedding colors with the chocolate brown color in a band around it and wrote her a letter reflecting on all of our lives together. I love that girl!
 Me putting her garter on with the note in it.

Her Mom, Dawn & I having a celebratory jello shot ;)

 Steph, Me and my step Mom-LOVE this shot!!

 This has got to be my FAVORTIE of the two of them!!

 Apryl's parents
 My Dad & step Mom- love them!!
 Dawn & I again
 Steph & Rich
 Apryl & I
 Justin & Apryl

Rick & Apryl

 Justin Apryl & my brother Joel
 My Dad & Apryl

My three beautiful kids!

So there are my favorites! It was a beautiful day!! We love you Apryl & Rich!

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