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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dining Out

Getting a good picture of me can be quite comical sometimes. Being a photographer, I always have little tips to whoever it is that happens to be taking MY picture, especially if its one of my kids.

Here I am yelling at the dogs to 1-get out of the pic, and 2-if the get any fur on me they will not live another moment!

This is me showing Steph how close to crop it-I just love the look on Ricks face!

And finally a somewhat acceptable shot.

Anyway, we had a great time at the Dining Out after a few little glitches. Because the air is so dry right now there was so much static in my dress that every single stray dog fur ended up ALL over me! I think I used about 20 sheets off of our lint roller trying to get it all off but it kept 'jumping' back! So we had to stop by a Rite Ai* to get some of the static spray stuff. That worked!

Then we were on our way-without the blank check for 'fines' or the little 'toasts' Rick came up with. Once we got there though we weren't the only ones to have a mishap. The strap on one of the wives dress broke. So since we were so early (45 minutes before dinner) I ran back home to get our forgotten goods & my little sewing kit. Everything else went very well and we had a great time!


Miss Hope said...

I thought I had commented on here AND SWC. These pictures are a hoot! It reminds me of my house so very much. You looked stunning and the dress was perfect for you. What a great memory to take with you!

Roni said...

Down to the hubby getting impatient? lol

Joe and Samantha said...

I just LOVE the dress.
So classy.