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Friday, September 11, 2009

We found a house!!

I think I was more stressed than I thought because when we looked at a house yesterday that we decided to put an offer on I felt myself totally relax. Here are a few pics...they aren't very good because I took them with my phone-yes as a photographer I should know better!!
So here it is...
Its on an acre in a very quiet neighborhood, all of the houses are on at least an acre and ours is on the small size for the area! The house itself is almost 3000 square ft! So come visit because we definitely have room to spare! The dogs are so gonna LOVE their new yard!
This morning we met with our agent to sign the papers!! Rick always gets stressed out doing things like this!!

Anyway, hopefully it will be accepted and we can get down to business! I cant believe how blessed we have been! First for Rick being offered this incredible job and that we have a great family who has allowed us to live with them while we wait out the whole ordeal! Never in our lives would we have even dreamed of owning a home like this!

We are very blessed.

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