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Sunday, June 21, 2009


I figured I would go ahead & post the grad photos since it is taking me a while to get all the retirement ones sorted out...the party was a great success! A friend of Larry's just started a band and they needed practice so they volunteered to play for her party! They were awesome!

Getting the house ready for the big party!

The band!

Steph with some of her friends.
The boys playing for us while the band takes a break

Is that an awesome cake or what? Steph's music teacher's wife makes wedding cakes so we asked her to make one for us.

Cut that cake!

LOOK! A picture of me taking picture!

Tiffany's mom Cherie and Rick. The kids call her Grandma Cherie.

My friends daughter Eva giving Jake loves.

Hangin' out.

aaaaaaaaaaawwwww...he loves him Momma
Jake is worn out!


I LOVE this photo!

Proud Papa adjusting the cap.

Steph's friend Matthew giving his speech.

All of us!

Steph with Uncle Larry & Tiffany

Steph with Grandma Vicki

Steph with Dad and Grandma Taylor

Steph with our neighbor Debra

The proud graduate!

Steph with her music teacher Mr. Washington

The path to anywhere...
yeah dorky I know but I couldnt resist!


My boys!

Rick getting carded for a beer!

Wish I knew what he said to her!

It was an awesome weekend! It was great to have friends and family all together to share these moments with us. For those who werent here we were thinking of you. Thank You.


Miss Hope said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I honestly got a little teary because I know my time isn't that far away with Paige.

I didn't realize you had made your blog private. I saw the email and thought it was to view pictures so I was waiting until I had some time to sit and enjoy looking. This proves I'm behind on my blog reading, huh?

Looking forward to the retirement pictures, too. I know you got alot going on right now but I just feel God is looking out for us and we are going to have a wonderful ride on this roller coaster we're on!

Roni said...

Thanks Hope! I think by the time the actual graduation got here we were all so emotionally spent or Im sure there would have been tears! We did make a lot of noise for her though!!

And you're right-this has been a bit insane but then when has this lifestyle not should have time in the next few days to finish uploading the retirement stuff!